Time for Any Art?

Since I had just started school on Wednesday, I have a lot more responsibilities and homework to do. Now that I do, I don’t have time to make drawings or comics. As long as I make drawings on weekends, I’ll be fine. Even though I may have some homework over the weekends, I will probably have some time to draw. How is school going for me? Well, over the past years of school, the boys in my class have been noisy, loud, and disruptive during class, and especially in Fifth Grade. But now that we have middle school teachers, it’s totally life changing for me because, since my sixth grade teacher is so talkative and challenge – making, the boys have nothing to say since the teacher barely writes on the board. That means they really have to listen or else they’ll be far behind. Same thing with some of the girls, too. The popular girls group really has to listen and be faster because they, like most teens are, are lazy and more into music, texting competitions, and more “too girly” stuff. See? School really is tough, but it is really fun. Thanks for listening.

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