Cats and Other Animals

As shown on my website, there are lots of animals, but mostly cats. Why do you ask? Well, the thing is, I love cats more than any other type of animal because they can be playful, good with kids, cuddly, and fun to have. The kind of cat that I like most are Russian Blues because they are intelligent, cuddly, furry, lovable, and one once belonged to my grandparents.

Not only do I like cats, but I really like dogs, and especially the Akita. Akitas are a friendly, Japanese dog that are playful, loving, and furry yet they get very big and heavy. I also like them because my uncle and aunt own a family of Akitas. They have a mother, father, and daughter. I’m not sure what their names are, but I do know that the daughter is named Meiko.

I do not only like dogs, cats, and other domestics, but I like a variety of animals. In fact, I love all animals. That is why I draw a lot of them and why I made a website about them and teen girls. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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